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Muddy Creek Habitat Restoration Project Complete
Q.    How long does it take to plant 1,200 trees and shrubs?
A.    Only two hours if you have enough volunteers.

Originally planed for two full days, the project was completed in record time when 45-50 people showed up to help on April 1st. As well as interested people who responded to an appeal for help in the local newspaper volunteers included scouts from two Boy Scout Troops, students from Allegheny College, refuge volunteers, and of course, members of the Friends of Erie National Wildlife Refuge. We didn’t even get to break for lunch as the work was finished so quickly.

Micah Klaas, 14, a scout with Troop 215 in Guys Mills organized the project for his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. Klass presented the project to the Friends at their February meeting and the group was more then willing to jump in and lend their support.

The project consisted of planting a conservation buffer along Muddy Creek on the Seneca Division of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge. The trees and shrubs in a buffer reduce erosion as well help filter pollutants and sediments that effect water quality. The shade provided will also help cool water temperatures which benefits the mussels and fish living in the creek. Even the eventual death of the trees will provide shelter and food for aquatic life as they fall into the water.

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